Saturday, 23 April 2011
The Élysée has let it be known that it intends to seek revision of the Schengen Treaty that governs the borderless free movement area comprising 400 million Europeans.

The governance of Schengen is faulty. We need to reflect on a mechanism that makes it possible to act when there is a systematic failure one of the European Union's external borders, qui permette, lorsqu'il y a une défaillance systémique à une frontière extérieure de l'Union européenne, allowing for a temporary suspension until the failure is rectified.

Despite this, the French are insisting that "it is not a question of renegotiating the treaty of Schengen, much less of abolishing it." They insist they will engage in joint "reflection" on the treaty with Italy at a meeting between the heads of state in Rome next week.

In Brussels, the Eurocrats are not happy. "Quite simply, the Italians are running the risk of blowing Schengen apart."


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