Monday, 18 April 2011

France closed its borders to trains from Italy yesterday to deal with an expected spike in traffic of North African illegals, most of whom have made their way into Europe via Lampedusa. On the Italian side of the border, where the illegals congregate, hundreds of retarded French and Italian human rights activists had organised a demonstration in support of the savages. They intended to accompany the North Africans into France aboard a "Dignity Train" in order to "challenge government barriers to open the borders, guarantee free access to European soil and remind people that no human being is illegal".

When France stopped the trains running, however, these fools formed a procession instead, shouting "Freedom! Freedom!" and "We are all illegal immigrants!". They intended to reach the French consulate, but the carabinieri stopped them.

Later on Sunday evening, when the fuss had died down, France let the trains run again.


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