Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Gbagbo has been captured. The foreign Muslim, Ouattara, is triumphant. A new country has been absorbed into the Umma! Allahu Akbar! To celebrate, the EU has lifted its sanctions and France has offered 400 million euros in foreign aid to the new jihadist government.

In the video above, the American Senator Inhofe discusses some evidence of the election fraud in Ivory Coast, atrocities committed by the Ouattara's forces and French complicity in them.

There is also documentary proof of the election fraud. The French lawyer Jacques Verges claims to be writing a book it and points out that in some districts Ouattara had more votes than there were registered electors.

Here's a statement from the African Union Observer mission on the original election.

Here a letter the American senator Inhofe sent to the US State Department.

Gerald Warner has been one of the few mainstream commentators to question the official narrative:

Gbagbo is no saint: like any African strongman he knows where the bodies are buried; his marital record can only be called unorthodox; he was a trade union militant and his political outlook smacks of unreconstructed socialism; his relations with the Russian LUKoil corporation are closer than is respectable.

On the other hand, he was the only individual with the courage to stand up to Ivory Coast's formidable dictator Félix Houphouët-Boigny and he has consistently shown a determination to disengage the country from its continuing colonial exploitation by France - the root cause of his predicament. Gbagbo is also a native of the country, unlike the "internationally recognised" Ouattara who is of Burkina Faso nationality and unqualified to stand in a presidential election in Ivory Coast. Ouattara made his career in the IMF and has always been a collaborator with international finance and French-led offshore corporate interests.

In 2002, both France and Ouattara were suspected of complicity in an attempted coup against Gbagbo which provoked civil war. Today Ouattara is blatantly France's client.

Ouattara is a Muslim whose agenda is to shift economic and political power to the Islamic north, away from the developed Christian and animist South. He has invaded the capital Abidjan with the help of three Muslim militias whose members have brutally murdered hundreds of Christians on their march south. Ouattara "won" the recent election with the illegal votes of large numbers of immigrants from Burkina Faso and Mali. His victory was illegally certified by the Electoral Commission (controlled by his supporters) in defiance of the relevant body, the Constitutional Council, which ruled against him. The real issue is not the sweetheart deals on cocoa, oil and diamonds that Ouattara will dole out to foreign interests: it is the iniquitous CFA franc, the synthetic currency that perpetuates France's control over 12 of its former African colonies.

The Communauté Financière de l'Afrique (CFA) requires member states to deposit a total of 85 per cent of their foreign currency reserves in the French treasury, which prints the CFA franc notes; two French-controlled banks administer the currency, which remains pegged to the troubled euro; no African state knows what sum in foreign reserves it now owns - French treasury officials refuse to divulge that information. (And they jailed Bernie Madoff!) The speaker of the Ivorian National Assembly has likened the CFA to the Warsaw Pact.

France's protegé Ouattara can be relied on to maintain it. As a former governor of BCEAO, one of the banks administering the CFA franc, and deputy managing director of the IMF he is well connected. While prime minister under the ailing Houphouët-Boigny he took a hands-on approach, ordering all public receipts to be deposited in his office rather than the treasury; critics claim he is now one of the richest men in the world. Clearly, this is a man with whom the Quai d'Orsay can do business.


H/T: Johnny Rottenborough for the link.


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