Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This is an extraordinary propaganda film financed by the Qatar Foundation (founded by the emir of Qatar). It was broadcast on Euronews and attempts to demonstrate what a wonderful thing immigration is. Three segments are shown: in Rinkeby in Sweden, South Korea and Riace in Italy. Notice that the European segments show a school and a town being taken over by third-world immigrants (mostly Muslims) while in the South Korean segment the "immigrants" are ... North Koreans!

Riace is a town in Italy whose young people have left to find work elsewhere. Its population was dwindling and consisted disproportionately of elderly people. The mayor decided on a strategy of welcoming third world immigrants to rejuvenate it.

Le Monde picks up the story about the Italian village, Riace, today to propagandise for immigration. How long before the Guardian does the same? The article in Le Monde contains an almost surreal detail. Because there is sometimes a delay in these "asylum seekers" receiving money from the government, the town has developed a kind of scrip consisting of paper vouchers that are used for provisional payment then reimbursed when the real money arrives. These vouchers, designed to resemble genuine paper money, bear the images of Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Che Guevara!

Let's think about what's happening here objectively. European young people leave the town because they want to be self-sufficient, find stimulating work and not be reliant on state handouts. They are then replaced by third worlders who have no such scruples. Obviously, if there wasn't work for the indigenous European young people, there isn't going to be for the uneducated third-worlders either. But they don't care. They are happy to live at the expense of the European taxpayer. And this is all seen as somehow admirable. Even the Vatican newspaper, the Osservatore Romano, has apparently held up Riace as an example to be followed!


F***W*T TW****R said...

Che? The murdering piece of scum.
What Fuckwit, apart from senior schoolchildren that try to pass themselves off as right on radicals, believes he is in the same league as the other two. Fuck me, head banging time.

Anonymous said...

its a shame that europe is lettin muslims in now. i live in NYC so i see them fucks alot. and wat they did at 9-11 a shame. i honestly say i hate them. And i heard they live in Italy now. my homeland. they're gonna take over and Europe is going to see the hard way. Europe's kind ways taking advantage of. if no one does anything about it i guess in the 2112 (100 years to the date) the whole continet of europe will be 95-100% muslim idk about america or canada. but im probally right about europe. the land of christianity gone to them invasive no good fucks. stay in your own fucking country no one fuckin wants you smelly ugly brown stupid barbarian fucks in countries with white people

Anonymous said...

ehh....europe is fucked

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