Sunday, 24 April 2011
Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dhims, has been put in the charge of reforming the House of Lords. Unsurprisingly, he is arguing that religious peers, the Lords Spiritual, are out of place in the modern age. Countering this, the Conservatives argue that the Lords Spiritual should be retained but should no longer come exclusively from the Church of England. They are pushing for the representatives of other faith traditions to be present, too, including Islam.

One concern is that Mr Clegg wants to abolish the 26 bishops or "Lords Spiritual". They are all drawn from the established Church of England, and Mr Clegg will argue that they are an anomaly in a modern, democratic chamber.

The Conservatives hope to counter that by proposing that the Lords Spiritual become multi-faith.

That would mean a range of Christian denominations, including Roman Catholics and black Pentecostal leaders, sitting on a bench of "spiritual peers", whose numbers might also include representatives of other religions such as Islam.

The prospect of imams sitting alongside bishops is bound to prove highly controversial and raise fresh questions about the links between church and state.

Remember that this push to include Muslim imams in the House of Lords is coming from the Conservatives!

The Catholic church does not allow its priests to join secular legislative bodies; the Church of Scotland is organised along non-hierarchical lines, so it may well decline representation, if offered.

So this "reform" is likely to do nothing but bring in a bunch of evil beardies and offer them a new platform for waging their taqiyya jihad war against the infidel.


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