Sunday, 17 April 2011

Muslim peer Baroness (sic) Uddin refuses to pay back the money she stole.

The disgraced Labour peer Baroness Uddin is facing fresh censure from the House of Lords over her failure to pay back a penny of the £125,000 she owes the taxpayer for cheating on her expenses.

The Lords authorities have sent a string of letters to Uddin demanding repayment of the cash following her 18-month suspension from the Lords last October.

However, Uddin, Britain’s first female Muslim peer, has argued through lawyers that she does not have the means to pay the money. The case is now expected to be referred back to the Lords privileges and conduct committee which will consider whether to impose fresh sanctions.

Of course she no longer has the cash. She used it to build a palatial mansion in her native Bangladesh (pictured above), "which is decorated with Italian marble and bears a crest similar to that of the Lords on its gates."

Sources say the holiday home, which overlooks the river in the market town of Jawa Bazar, was built after Uddin was made a Labour working peer in 1998 and cost about £140,000.

Meanwhile, this evil bitch lives in a council house:

Uddin’s home in London is a housing association property intended for people on low incomes who cannot afford to live in the area. There are long waiting lists for social housing in the East End, which Uddin has herself spoken about in the Lords.

Uddin was not prosecuted for her blatant theft, after claiming her main residence was a home which did not even have the water or electricity connected, but "was forced to make a personal statement of apology to the Lords and was suspended until Easter 2012."

Source: Sunday Times


Anonymous said...

Join the rest of them take us all for a ride

Anonymous said...

David Laws is another, Lord Hanningfield lord Taylor the lsit goes on

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