Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Daily Mail today reveals that motor insurance premiums in Britain are soaring at an astonishing 35.7 per cent per year and have risen by 40 per cent in the last year alone. Average car insurance costs will soon exceed £1000 per year.

These increases are being driven by the phenomenon of car crash fraud in which accidents are deliberately staged so that some of those involved can then claim compensation, often for "whiplash" which is virtually impossible to prove. Police estimate that 30,000 accidents are now being staged each year.

What the Mail article does not mention, however, is that virtually all car crash fraud is being committed by Muslims. No one in the public sphere talks about this. Newspapers that report on the problem of car crash fraud simply ignore it. Political correctness means that people are no longer being provided with the information they need to understand events and make informed political choices.

Premiums have risen even though the number of accidents and the number of people injured in accidents has fallen:

The AA said despite the number of collisions on UK roads falling, the number of claims for whiplash injuries continued to rise, with more than 200 claims a day, often for accidents from up to three years ago with injuries mentioned for the first time.


They have risen at a time when official statistics showed that the number of people being hurt on Britain’s roads was actually declining. There were 341,592 people killed or injured on Britain’s roads in 1989. By 2009, this had dropped to 222,146.


Everyone should understand that when they are forced to pay extortionate insurance premiums they are paying a Muslim tax, jizya tribute paid to the Muslims by the infidels.


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