Sunday, 10 April 2011
Sion Jones, a Welsh Assembly candidate for the BNP, has been arrested for making a video of himself burning a copy of the Koran.

A statement from the Home Office said: "The government absolutely condemns the burning of the Qur'an. It is fundamentally offensive to the values of our pluralist and tolerant society.

"We equally condemn any attempts to create divisions between communities and are committed to ensuring that everyone has the freedom to live their lives free from fear of targeted hostility or harassment on the grounds of a particular characteristic, such as religion."

So privately burning a book is "targeted hostility or harassment"? As this creepy statement illustrates, Britain is rapidly descending into a Soviet-like moral abyss. And the remarks from plod only confirm it:

Superintendent Phil Davies of South Wales police, who led the investigation, said: "We always adopt an extremely robust approach to allegations of this sort and find this sort of intolerance unacceptable in our society."

Since when is it plod's job to decide how robust an approach to take or determine the limits of acceptable conduct in our society? They are a bunch of goons whose job is to enforce the laws passed by parliament, not make their own idiosyncratic interpretations of them.

I haven't been able to find a copy of Sion Jones' Koran burning video. Hopefully it will surface soon.

Note the deception of the Observer in this sentence:

Although Griffin's party had 338 candidates in the parliamentary elections, a record number for a far-right party in Britain, its share of the vote in key seats fell.

The BNP almost tripled its vote at the last general election compared to the one before it, but by focusing on a few specific seats, the Observer contrives to give the impression that the BNP is losing support.


Johnny Rottenborough said...

I’m not in favour of burning books but I applaud those who make a stand against Islam by burning the Qur’an. A book that expresses contempt for non-Muslims—to the extent of calling for them to be killed—goes far beyond what any civilized society can be expected to tolerate.

By the way, Gerald Warner (without whom the Telegraph blogs are much the poorer) has an excellent piece on Ivory Coast in today’s Scotsman.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks for the link. First time I've seen anyone within the mainstream (other than the American senator Inhofe) challenge the official narrative on Ivory Coast. Yeah, I wonder what happened to Warner at the Telegraph. Supposedly Conservative Central Office wasn't too thrilled about him not being on board with the "Dave" project.

Ralph Lynn said...

The government have it almost right about the koran - at last!

"It is fundamentally offensive to the values of our pluralist and tolerant society."

What the hell is pluralism?

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