Friday, 25 March 2011
I blogged once before about how contemporary French cinema seems to be pervaded by the theme of French people being displaced by Muslims and immigrants, and how this is invariably portrayed in a positive light. Now it seems we British are being targeted. They've already stolen our country. Now they want our imagination too.

A couple of weeks ago the producer of the television series Midsomer Murders was suspended for declaring that he saw the television show as "the last bastion of Englishness" and could not imagine ethnic minority characters appearing in it. A few days ago an anonymous black actor appeared in the Guardian, demanding that blacks be allowed to appear in period dramas, even though there was no significant number of blacks in the country back then.

Excluding us black actors from all kinds of period dramas is wrong. We have to say enough is enough

Third world aliens are busily effecting the demographic conquest of Europe. Even mainstream demographers are now predicting that people of European origin will be minorities in their own country by the end of this century. But that is not enough for the invaders. Even while the genocide is being effected, they demand that Europeans not even be allowed to remember or imagine their countries as they used to be before the invasion began. Even the parts of their countries that haven't been invaded yet, like rural English villages, must be portrayed in fiction as if they had been.

Today, the doyenne of anti-European hatred, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, chips in with her contribution to the debate in the "Mystery of the Missing Muslims in Movies." We need more Muslim actors and more films about Muslims, it seems, as long they're not depicted as terrorists.

Where is the soulful, female Muslim singer, the wily, kebab millionaire, the two-timing Pakistani cricketer, the Arab heartthrob? They do all exist, but these roles are not written into scripts.

Where is the young Muslim beauty queen threatened with death for refusing to hide herself, the young Muslim actress beaten by members of her own family for conducting a relationship with a Hindu, the feckless Muslim benefits scrounger living at the expense of the British taxpayer, the cunning Bangladeshi politician working the system to benefit his tribe while rigging elections through postal ballot fraud, the artful Muslim con artist who specialises in staging car crashes to collect insurance payments, the predatory prowling Paki looking for young kuffar girls to gang rape and force into prostitution?

These all do exist, too, and they are, in fact, far more common that any of the hypothetical characters that Yasmin Alibhai-Brown describes but I don't expect to be seeing any of them on our cinema screens any time soon.

On the prospect of more Muslim actors and Muslim soap operas she declares, apparently without irony:

There could be problems with sex scenes, but not violence.

Ah, yes, Muslims seem to have that whole violence thing down pretty well.

She regales us with a list of films featuring Muslims or about Muslims.

One such film, Life Goes On, arrives in March, directed by an Indian academic, Sangeeta Datta, who now lives in London. It is a cinematic essay on the losses and gains of migration and the predicaments of middle-class British Asian life.

What would be really interesting would be to see a film about the "losses and gains of migration" from the perspective of the British people whose country is being colonised by these aliens.

In her list of films, it's notable that the plot lines often feature a Muslim having a relationship with a non-Muslim. The Muslim is always the male, however. Of course it is part of the Muslim system of ethics, as embodied in the Sharia, that while Muslim males are allowed to have relationships with non-Muslims, female Muslims are not. Males are perceived as the conquerors while women are expected to be meek and submissive. So a female non-Muslim in a relationship with a Muslim has effectively been conquered for Islam, and the children will be brought up as Muslims; while a female Muslim in a relationship with a non-Muslim has effectively been lost to the Ummah.

What Yasmin Alibhai-Brown doesn't get, however, is that civilised people just don't care about religion. A few decades ago in Britain no one cared about religion outside of Northern Ireland and some parts of Scotland. That's a good thing. We had got over it, after hundreds of years of senseless strife and division. Muslims have brought this pernicious sectarianism back into our national life. And we don't like it.


Ralph Lynn said...

Spot on, Cheradenine! Ms Alibi Brown is *the* most toxic racist. I have never heard a white racist say they want to see the elimination of a whole people and yet she would happily see the English disappear! Why she is afforded a platform to spout her hysterical guff is beyond me.

I have never tuned in to MM, John Nettles' suits are terrible! But the response to it's producers thoughts on what is and isn't right for the prog. and the implications thereof, are way past satire.

This all leads back to my particular hobby horse - British Pictures, where are they? Our young know nothing of the stars of our own silver screen. They know nothing of Will Hay, Googie Withers, Michael Redgrave, George Formby, Jack Warner, Diana Dors, Anna Neagle..
TV keeps films alive, in our conciousness. These films are the achievements of OUR people and show what is different and *WHAT IS THE SAME*. They are part of our culture. That they are hidden from view and gather dust in the basements of our national broadcasters, shows me, at least, that multi culti is NOT for our benefit.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

Good post. I’d quibble with your last paragraph, though, where you lump all religions together and then dismiss them. Even speaking as one on the outermost fringe of Christian belief, the positive contribution of Christianity to Western civilization is undeniable, and to lump Christianity together with hate-spewing Islam is unfair. Have you thought of commenting on Archbishop Cranmer? He quite often posts on matters Muslim. Love the new template. Sheer bliss.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I don't deny the role of Christianity in shaping European civilisation. What I meant was that, in general, no one cared about what religion anyone belonged to. People weren't constantly obsessing about it and making daft remarks like "Where are the missing Buddhist actors? How many Prebyterian football players are there? Not enough Pentecostal game show hosts!".

I'm going to look for a better template. I was looking for Counterjihad or anti-Islam blogger templates but no luck finding any. I came across quite a few pro-Islam ones though. I might hire a designer to create one for this and my StopTurkey blog.

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