Sunday, 6 March 2011
Assorted illegal immigrants in Greece have been on hunger strike for more than 40 days now, demanding legal status. This article in the Guardian does not mention specifically that they are Muslim but it is clear that they are North Africans from countries like Morocco where Islam has achieved ascendancy so I think we can safely assume that they are Muslims.

You have to marvel at the audacity of these savages. Not only do they violate our laws, practising deceit and evasion within our countries for year after year. They then demand residence rights as if they were morally entitled to them and go on hunger strike to make their point.

In his cotton headdress and chequered slippers, Belaid is, at 45, older than most of his comrades in hunger, and more eloquent. But in attitude and resolve he is no different. "Europeans hate immigrants even though we helped build their economies," said the bearded father of three. "But Europe has to help because Europe in the past was the colonial power, it supported those dictators. Today it is reaping what it sowed."

The usual suspects have lined up alongside these invaders:

With street protests from leftists and human rights groups also on the rise, pressure is mounting on the government to bow to their demand for "full legalisation".

Astonishingly, the Greek government has even offered them a deal: call off the hunger strike and we'll let you stay in the country for 12 more months. But these savage beggars won't take it. They want more.

Let them die. And let's hope that the continent's other Muslim invaders soon follow their example.


F***W*T TW****R said...

Don't give a monkey's if europe was a colonial power. It isn't now and hasn't been for decades. And why don't they go to another African country? Oh yes, because they'd be told to Bugger Off. Sod'm, no more room. Has anybody actually addressed to them the fact that their ancesters were complicit in the slave trade or the regiments of muslims employed by Hitler for The Jewish Problem?

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