Monday, 28 March 2011
The results from the French cantonal elections have been disappointing for the FN. According to current projections, they will have managed to secure only 2 seats, although they had hoped for up to a dozen. The Socialists will control two-thirds of all French councils.

Around Europe, support for the traditional right has begun to disintegrate as the mainstream right parties remain wedded to political correctness and refuse to vigorously confront the horror of Islam growing in our midst, the strangulating effect of the European Union and the follies of multiculturalism and mass third-world immigration generally. Some of those who might be regarded as traditional right-wing voters simply stop voting; others find a "far right" alternative, leading to a fatal split in the right-wing bloc of votes.

In the short term, this can lead to the triumph of the leftists whose insane politics and world view have put us in the predicament we are in. This is what has happened in France. This is what happened, too, in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats enjoyed unprecedented success in the general election there last year, breaking through the 5% barrier and entering parliament for the first time. Of course this was a welcome development, but it has led to the exact opposite of the hoped-for effect. Still recoiling from any association with the "far right", the mainstream right-wing party has chosen to build its coalition with the Greens instead of the Sweden Democrats. As a result, it has now agreed a new immigration policy that is almost insanely irresponsible, granting illegal immigrants the right to education and health care and making family reunification immigration from places like Somalia much easier. Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt, leader of the centre-right Moderate party, said:

"We who believe that people should be free to move across borders and seek a better life somewhere else have made this agreement," he said.

"We're closing the door on the only area they [the Sweden Democrats] care about and want to have influence on."

In a statement, Christian Democrat leader and social affairs minister Göran Hägglund said the agreement created a "stable majority in the Riksdag" and "ensured that the Sweden Democrats won't have any influence over immigration policy moving forward".

So the impulse of the Swedish people to bring an end to destructive, utopian immigration policies has instead led to their reinforcement.

In Germany, too, the Greens have benefited from a collapse in the traditional right-wing vote to take control of a regional government for the first time today. It could also be argued that it was the same tendency at work in Britain, through the defection of Conservative voters to UKIP, that ushered in coalition government that has given the Lib Dhims significant influence over many areas of government policy.

Of course, the maintenance and reinforcement of politically correct policies will speed up the process of electoral disenchantment with the establishment that is already underway. Ulimately a political re-alignment will occur. Either "far-right" Counterjihad parties will emerge from the fringes to displace the traditional conservative parties or the traditional conservative parties will either merge with the formerly fringe Counterjihad movements or at least incorporate their ideas. The question is how long will this re-alignment take? While it is underway and before it is complete, it may work to the electoral benefit of leftists who will, of course, use whatever power they have to accelerate the destruction of European civilisation by welcoming the mass influx of Mohammedan hordes.


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