Sunday, 27 March 2011
From the Sunday Times today:

Britain and its allies are drawing up plans to arm the Libyan rebels to speed up the defeat of Muammar Gadaffi.

With coalition airstrikes failing to dislodge government forces in key towns and the RAF now preparing to run sorties until at least June, defence sources say the rebels need shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons to combat the mobile artillery units that Gadaffi’s military is using against civilians.

They're even admitting that the so-called rebels have connections to Al Qaeda.

However, MI6, the secret intelligence service, has warned ministers that the move is risky. The opposition is described as “fractured”, with some fringe rebel groups having ties to Al-Qaeda.

A key Libyan rebel commander, Abdel-Hakim Al Hasidi, disclosed last week that about 25 of his fighters were Al-Qaeda members who had fought British and US troops in Iraq.

Didn't we try this before in Afghanistan? That worked out really well, didn't it? Let's hope they don't give them any anti-aircraft missiles this time.


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