Thursday, 3 March 2011

The revelation that Arid Uka, the Kosovar Muslim, who shot and killed two people at Frankfurt airport was an airport employee follows quickly on the heels of the conviction of the Bangladeshi Muslim, Rajib Karim, for plotting an attack while employed by BA at Heathrow airport.

It is clear that Muslims are deliberately infiltrating themselves into sensitive jobs so that they can obtain information that will be useful to the jihad. Consider this message that was sent by the terrorist leader, Anwar Al-Alwaki, to Rajib Karim, for example:

Can you answer these questions in as much elaboration as possible: Can you please specify your role in the airline industry how much access you have to airports what information do you have on the limitations and cracks in present airport security systems what procedures would travelers from the newly listed countries have to go
through. What procedures would a person on the watch list have to go through can they prevent a national from a certain country from traveling to his country, like a brit going back to Britain in what ways can you help us based on what you know of your job and out objectives...Awaiting your answer.

Arid Uka, too, was able to exploit his position to enable to enable him to carry out his attack. Consider this extract from Die Welt's account of the incident:

Noch bevor die Gruppe Amerikaner aus dem Flughafen-Terminal zum wartenden Bus kam, stieg Arid U. in das Fahrzeug. Offenbar konnte er als Flughafenmitarbeiter problemlos Zugang erhalten.

[Even before the group of Americans came from the airport terminal to the waiting bus, Arid U. was able to board the vehicle. Apparently as an airport employee he was able to get access without any problems.]

It's time to think about whether Muslims should be barred from certain sensitive jobs. During the Cold War, communists were barred from holding security-sensitive positions. The struggle against Islam may last generations, even centuries. We need to stop indulging in politically-correct delusions and instead put in place the mechanisms that will allow us to confront the global jihad in a vigorous manner.

A list of jobs from which Muslims are barred should be drawn up. As an initial draft, I would suggest at least the following: the military, the police, the intelligence services, airport work.

I think a strong case could be made that Muslims should also be barred from the medical profession. There is evidence that Muslims doctors and nurses have abused their positions of trust to carry out a stealth jihad against the infidel. I certainly would not trust a Muslim doctor on any issue of importance.


F***W*T TW****R said...

The only problem I have with this is that they're allowed to lie so how would you vet them without disturbing their 'human rights'.
Well, you know how the eu works!

Anonymous said...

Who gave jobs to this fucking muslims to kill ur people??.

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