Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The British government has recently announced a change in its approach to foreign aid. Several countries, including some very poor ones, have been removed from the roster of recipients entirely, while aid will be focused on the smaller number of remaining countries where Britain has "security" interests.

Left-wing critics have denounced this as the securitisation of British foreign aid. What it really amounts to, however, is the islamification of British foreign aid. Not coincidentally, the countries where Britain is deemed to face a security threat, one that could be lessened by distributing largesse, are countries with large Muslim populations. Pakistan, for example, is scheduled to become the largest single recipient of British foreign aid within a few years; Pakistan, the country whose only Christian minister, Shahbaz Bhatti (seen above being interviewed a few weeks ago), was recently assassinated for speaking out against a law that condemns Christians to death for "blasphemy".

In practice, then, this policy simply rewards Muslims for their violence and hatred towards us. It is the perfect analogue, in the foreign policy sphere, of the range of domestic policies that have seen money funnelled towards Muslim "charities" and organisations in Britain in the forlorn hope that this will cause fewer Muslims to want to murder the British people whose country they are colonising.

In practice, these sums could be construed as jizya payments. Where Islamic rule was established and the status of dhimmitude consequently imposed on the non-Muslims (dhimmis), jizya was the annual tax paid by the dhimmis to their Muslim rulers for the privilege of being allowed to live.

It is time western nations got serious and started speaking up for the legions of persecuted Christians throughout the territory of the Ummah. Foreign aid should be made contingent on the repeal of blasphemy and apostasy laws that are used to persecute non-Muslims.

Let's not forget either that at a time when the government is announcing major cuts in expenditure on the armed forces, it is proposing to increase the foreign aid spend from £9 billion to £13 billion per year. This is an example of a trend seen all over Europe. Cost pressures force governments to cut back on their military capability. But where do these cost pressures come from? Muslim immigration provides a large part of the answer. Through their massive unemployment and benefits dependency, the Muslims are bankrupting every European state that they are colonising, forcing cuts to the budget in other areas.

So far this has been the single most successful element of the global jihad. By infiltrating western countries, the Muslims are able to economically weaken those countries, limiting their ability to confront Muslim violence elsewhere in the world.


cam said...

Left-wing critics have denounced this as the securitisation of British foreign aid. What it really amounts to, however, is the islamification of British. Muslim Charities

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