Wednesday, 16 March 2011
A French UMP candidate has been attacked for posting "racist" jokes on her web page.
One of the jokes quoted on the candidate's Facebook page (now removed apparently but photographed by the anti-racist witchunting organisations that are subsidised by the French government to prey on the French people) is very funny. So I'll give a rough translation of it here:

One day, by chance, an Arab comes across an angel. The angel invites him to make four wishes and promises to grant them immediately.

The Arab thinks for a while then says, "I wish I had blue eyes". Shazam! He has blue eyes!

The angel asks for his second wish. The Arab thinks for a moment then says, "I wish I had blonde hair". Shazam! The Arab has blonde hair.

The angel invites him to make his third wish. The Arab replies, "I wish I was a Swede and had a Swedish passport!" Shazam! He is now a Swede with a Swedish passport!

The angel asks for his fourth and last wish. The Arab thinks carefully then replies, "I wish I didn't have to work, and I could get loads of money without doing a stroke!"

Shazam! Transformed back into an Arab again, with brown eyes, dark skin and curly hair. But in his pockets he finds an unemployment benefits book, a social security card, a free bus pass, a family credit pack and a housing benefit form!

The candidate has apologised but the anti-racist vultures are circling and threatening to file a criminal complaint against her anyway. On her Facebook page, she had actually joked that she might end up like Eric Zemmour, who got the same treatment after pointing out, correctly that "the majority of drug dealers are blacks and Arabs". The candidate has now been suspended by her party, the UMP.


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