Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A few days ago I posted about Usama Hasan, the imam who was threatened and forced to resign his position after delivering a lecture claiming that Darwin's theory of evolution was compatible with Islamic doctrine. The Quilliam Foundation has posted a briefing on the affair which contains some interesting details on Hasan's background. Apparently, he used to be a committed jihadist himself and translated some extremist Wahhabi texts into English, but has now recanted these views and expressed support for British soldiers serving abroad.

The video above shows "Saleem Begg (aka ‘Abu Zubair’) a prominent Wahhabi preacher partly based at Lewisham mosque in South London" talking about Hasan as an apostate and making the case that, according to the sharia, he deserves to be executed, although he claims this "is for informational purposes only".


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