Tuesday, 15 February 2011
In the last few days the Daily Mail has published stories about unpleasant goings-on inside Muslim faith schools in Britain, including teaching hatred of non-Muslims and the use of violence against pupils. Channel 4 also broadcast a Dispatches documentary on the same subject. One of the men shown striking the pupils on tape has now been arrested.

One disturbing aspect of these revelations is that the school was subject to inspect and received glowing reports from the inspectors:

Pupils understand the difference between right and wrong and their moral development is supported by the excellent role models presented by the teachers and Islamic scholars. This has a very strong and positive influence upon pupils. Relationships between teachers and pupils are excellent. Pupils say that staff are approachable and easily accessible. They participate enthusiastically in lessons and confidently engage with their
teachers as well as showing them appropriate respect.

In reality the film showed pupils literally cowering in fear when their teachers drew close to them.

Through both the Islamic studies and the secular curriculum pupils learn about the beliefs and practices of other faiths and are taught to show respect to other world

In reality, pupils were taught that "Disbelievers [kuffar] are the worst of people".

What has gone unremarked as far as I can see is that this is one of the schools inspected not by Ofsted directly, but by the Bridge Inspectorate. The Bridge Inspectorate was a special body created a few years ago by groups of Christians and Muslims who thought that conventional Ofsted inspections were insufficiently sensitive to their faith traditions. Ofsted agreed to let this body carry out inspections of some faith schools.

According the 2009 Bridge Inspectorate report, the only one appearing on their website, children at this school spend five hours learning the Koran off by heart! How can that possibly leave enough time for learning non-religious subjects appropriately?

The Islamic curriculum is wide in scope and is divided into two distinct parts. One
group of pupils undertake to memorise the entire Qu’ran by heart. These hifz pupils For use from January 2009 spend three hours in the morning before lunch in this aspect of the curriculum; they then study secular subjects in the afternoon followed, by a further two hours of Qu’ranic study in the late afternoon or early evening.

At the time the Bridge Inspectorate was formed, concerns were expressed that it would be insufficiently objective. Now those concerns have been fully realised. Any civilised society has a variety of watchdog mechanisms which operate to safeguard the maintenance of civilised standards within that society. What we have learned of the Crown Prosecution Service, the schools inspectorate, and Britain's major political parties, tells us that the Muslims are successfully infiltrating and subverting these organisations from within in order to advance an Islamic agenda.

The new Free Schools initiative being promoted by the Conservatives will only intensify the problem of Muslim pupils being taught a separatist curriculum that does not prepare them for integrated life in modern Europe. Indeed, the first taxpayer-funded free school madrassah has already been approved. The Times newspaper uncovered some disturbing facts about its first director:

Although the Rainbow school is intended to be multifaith, Ismail, 39, the operations director of an Asian business association in Bradford, has previously submitted a highly controversial report to the council about education. Written more than a year ago on behalf of the Bradford Council for Mosques, it claimed that educating Muslim children separately spared them being “exposed” to values that may conflict with their own culture. He added that the “cultural heritage that underpins the curriculum is European and Christian” and that separate education could avoid the “danger of absorption into the dominant culture”.

Of course the Muslim madrassahs can promote their schools as "multifaith" in order to get funding. In reality, of course, they know that the areas where they operate will have been so colonised by Muslims that there will almost no one else left there and the few non-Muslim families who remain would not want their children to be brainwashed in one of these schools.

Apparently the Darul Uloom Islamic High School & College in Birmingham, which taught hatred of non-Muslims, has now shut down temporarily by bringing forward half term, claiming that they fear far-right violence. Isn't it funny how whenever Muslims are caught exposing their true nature, usually by carrying out some attack, they immediately conjure up the fantasy of revenge attacks by outraged kuffar and the Establishment invariably goes along with them in this? Of course, these revenge attacks never materialise but the ploy always serves to distract attention from Muslim wrong-doing and switch public sympathy on to the perpetrators.

Bizarrely, the Daily Mail website now says it cannot accept comments on the story "for legal reasons". The scope of censorship is extending ever further through the British media landscape whenever Muslims or Islam are being discussed. A few days ago the Independent ran a disgraceful story calling Thilo Sarrazin "anti-semitic". Most of the comments to the article pointed out that this was an unjustified slur and expressed support for his views. As a result, the comments to the article were deleted and the option to comment on the article simply shut down. The same trick was pulled on a Yasmin Alibhai-Brown article the previous week. Any time the European people find an outlet to express their true feelings about the islamification of the continent, the Establishment steps in and finds a way to shut it down.


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