Thursday, 17 February 2011

The headline may sound sensational but this is the truth that emerges from reading a secret UN document recently obtained by the French news channel, France24.

Rumours that the Muslim Kosovars and Albanians had harvested and sold the organs of Serb captives during the war of Kosovan independence, and that the leadership of the Kosovo Liberation Army (which subsequently became the leadership of independent Kosovo), had been involved in this diabolical trade have been circulating for years. But this latest document brings some horrifying new truths to light.

It makes it clear that the practice continued even after the war was over; that the victims were specifically captured in order that their organs could be harvested; that victims were not just Serbs, but East European Christians in general; that the victims were not just men, but women; and that the perpetrators were not just Albanian Muslims, but Muslims from the Middle East and Turkey.

The documents describe an "Arab doctor" with an air of "authority" who supervised the organ extraction operations. After the organs had been removed, the patients would, of course, die. Their organs would be flown to Istanbul in Turkey while their human remains were buried in remote places in Albania. The KLA leader responsible for these atrocities is described as having "extremely good relationships with the Middle East and Turkey. Many Islamists came to the bases in [redacted] before and during the war."

So this was an international Muslim crime network, capturing Christians, including young women, harvesting their organs and slaughtering them. In some cases the Christians were held captive for a considerable time before being killed. These captives were well treated, exempt from the casual beatings which the Muslims routinely administered on their other Christian captives - out of fear that the beatings would damage the organs; they were given good food to fatten them up like farm animals until an order came in (from a wealthy Muslim client in Turkey or the Middle East) for their specific organ type.


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