Friday, 18 February 2011
Last week, late at night, a woman was dragged off a street in the centre of Glasgow and raped by three men. The Conservative MSP, Bill Aitken, was approached for comment by a journalist and, in discussion with him, hinted that the woman may not have been entirely blameless in the matter.

"Well, I think, errr, somebody should be asking her what she was doing in Renfrew Lane. Did she go there with somebody?...Well, it is an area where quite a lot of the hookers take their clients. Now, that may not have happened in this case. But, you know. What was happening?"

Political opponents in Scotland immediately denounced Aitken's insensitivity and demanded his resignation. Here is a typical screed in that vein from the Telegraph of all places. The New Statesman has also covered the issue, albeit only in a blog post. There is also a Facebook page campaigning for him to be sacked.

This is the kind of issue that the Guardian would normally pounce on, agitating for the dismissal of the offending party. And with Cast Iron Dave in charge of the Conservative Party, there would be every chance of that dismissal being achieved. But, strangely, Rusbridger's minions have been completely silent on this issue. What's going on? The answer comes when we look at who the perpetrators of the rape were. Police say they are looking for men "of Middle-Eastern appearance". This follows the pattern of recent city-centre gang rapes in Glasgow, all believed to have been committed by immigrants, especially immigrants of the Muslim persuasion.

Under Alan Rusbridger's disastrous editorial reign, the Guardian has jettisoned the liberal principles it once championed and turned itself into little better than a standard bearer for the global jihad. Obviously, drawing attention to the Muslim rape gangs now infesting many European cities doesn't aid the cause of Islam, so the Guardian would prefer to ignore the feminist aspect and remain completely silent on the issue. This is because, in the Utopian worldview, although there is a great variety of victim groups in the world - people whose victim status grants them a degree of special protection from those on high - Muslims are deemed to be the greatest victims of all. The Utopians are willing to sacrifice their other approved victim groups to protect their precious Muslims. This is why the Establishment routinely stoops to racism by referring to Muslim perpetrators as "Asian", needlessly slurring perfectly innocent Hindus, Chinese and Sikhs.


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