Sunday, 27 February 2011
Sarkozy's UMP, the ruling party in France, is currently conducting an intense internal debate about the appropriate response to the islamification of the country. Concern about Islam is growing among ordinary people. Marine Le Pen, the fresh-faced leader of the National Front, is at 20% in the pools, having ditched much of the baggage her predecessor, and father, loved to carry around with him, such as anti-semitism. In particular, her focus on the "prières de rue" (street prayers) in which Muslims illegally take over whole streets to engage in mass prayer, blocking traffic and pedestrians, has had an impact on the French consciousness.

The UMP are struggling to formulate a response. A debate on the role of religion in French life has been announced for May, though everyone knows it is really Islam that is going to be debated. Some in the UMP advocate a formal alliance, or an informal entente, with the National Front; and advocate push-back against the islamification that is sweeping over France. For example, some are calling for street prayers to be explicitly banned, even though they are already illegal. Others call for the preaching in mosques to be in French only.

But others within the UMP react to Islam by embracing dhimmitude. Some are calling for the 1905 French law on secularism, a bedrock of the French republic, to be repealed and for the state to then finance the construction of mosques. The Muslims are praying in the streets not as a gesture of defiance, but because they have nowhere else to pray, their argument runs. In this scenario, as is so often the case, the Muslims would be rewarded for their criminality and France would slip further into the Ummah.


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