Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Even Baroness Warsi, the Muslim operative who now chairs the Conservative Party (sic), admitted that Muslim, sorry "Asian", vote fraud cost the Conservatives an absolute majority during the general election last year. But the Electoral Commission has concluded that there is "no evidence to date of any widespread, systematic attempts to undermine or interfere with the 2010 elections through malpractice".

Their reason for reaching this conclusion is apparently that there has been only 1 conviction arising from the 232 complaints made. If no one was convicted for it, it can't have happened, their logic runs! The one man convicted was called Terry Daley. Not a Muslim by the sound of it, so it's alright to convict him then!

Even the usually Muslim-friendly Independent newspaper expresses disdain for this verdict. Unsurprising, perhaps, as one of their own reporters was assaulted by some of the Muslims engaged in the vote fraud operation as he tried to investigate it. This is what it takes for the Utopians to wake up to the consequences of their own folly. They need to be literally punched in the face by it.


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