Monday, 6 September 2010
Read the mainstream press and you'll come across their standard interpretation of what's happening to Belgium: the Dutch-speaking north and the French-speaking south are falling out with one another. It's just old nationalist instincts reasserting themselves.

You need to peer beneath the headlines to find the real story, as this article (in German) on Politically Incorrect does. It's not about Flemish vs. Wallonians. It's about Muslims vs. All. Brussels is a predominantly French-speaking enclave within the Dutch-speaking North. But, increasingly, it's not French that can be heard in the Brussels streets, but Arabic.

Brussels could well be considered the Muslim capital of Europe. It is a cesspit of corruption and criminality and not all of it stems from the EU.

The Dutch north could tolerate the French south, even if it was less economically successful and therefore a net recipient of government subsidies. It could tolerate a French city in its midst. But it cannot accept it when that French city morphs into a Muslim city and sucks in ever greater amounts of money from the rest of Belgium to pay for Muslim corruption.

The main left-wing party in Belgium dominates politics in the French south of the country. Of course, as elsewhere in Europe, the left has made its bed with the Muslims and supports more Muslim immigration and more Islam-friendly policies. The Dutch north, however, wants the circus to stop. This is the real root of the crisis in Belgian politics, one that may well tear the country apart.

As the Muslim populations grow in virtually every country in western Europe, I expect to see similar problems cropping up elsewhere. Old separatist tendencies will re-assert themselves, and existing ones will be invigorated, as the still-European parts of some countries look on with horror as whole cities and regions are transformed into Muslim ghettos.

Secessionist demands will be coming both from the Muslims who want to set up mini-Sharia republics and the non-Muslims who want to get away from them. Of course, at times, violence will erupt. Civil war is in our future. That is what the utopian idealism of the 60s has sown. There has been no greater folly in the history of the world.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate the work you do and the posts you have put up.
Be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

junkie said ,

another blogger suggested pigs blood to be thrown on all their future mosque sites so as to make it unclean as well as mixed with cement used to build , thus considered unclean and beyond redemption .

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct - "There has been no greater folly in the history of the world."
How much wiser Charles Martel and Don John of Austria were than their descendants!
But what of the descendants of the fools and fellow-travellers who are allowing a barbarian creed to take over our continent? Don't the lefties and politically naive idiots who side with Islamofascism actually contemplate the futures of their own children and grandchildren, especially female ones?
This is the most troubling issue of our times, and yet press and politicians are largely in denial and the public by and large afraid to speak out.
Great blog, by the way. Have only just discovered it. The video about the takeover of the French streets is particularly scary - it desrves to "go viral" all over the internet!

prasetyo jkt said...

Hahahahaa hey men maybe u can learn n reading some book about islam. there are some people who become religious as business fields. I believe all religions teach goodness. Islam is true Islam does not kill anyone because it is forbidden. but of power and patterns that makes businesses in the fox in Islam as a form of cruelty. era ever misjudge something from one point of view. in Indonesia we as Muslims also oppose the radical Islamic movement. we fight against radical Islam. we live side by side with Christian, Catholic, Hindu, budda. and we are against any kind of act of radicalism

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