Saturday, 11 September 2010
In some of the discussions kicked up by the Sarrazin affair in Germany, I occasionally heard mention of the research of criminologist Christian Pfeiffer. So I decided to follow up this reference and find out exactly what it was he had discovered.

It turns out that Pfeiffer conducted an elaborate study of youth crime, interviewing 45,000 young people. His conclusion was striking: the more devoutly religious young Muslims in Germany were, the more crimes (like robbery and violence) they committed. This was in sharp contrast to young people of other faiths like Christianity. The more devout young Christians were, the fewer crimes they committed. These correlations remained valid even after taking every other variable, like socio-economic status, parents' education level, etc. into account.

So Islam actually inspires people to commit crimes and acts of violence? Who'd have thunk it?

Also interesting is the fact that, worried about political correctness, Pfeiffer kept his study secret for six months after finishing it and consulted with a German federal government ministry about how he could release the results in a low-key way.


Anonymous said...

Please find out what Islam actually asks its followers to do... Pick up a book for God's sake!!! Just because there are a few extreme or ignorant Muslims in some places does not mean that Islam inspires such behaviour. There something really wrong with the media... because people readily believe whatever they show without evidence or proof. Why don't you find out for yourself what Islam is rather than focusing on someone else's perception of it.

Nakajimachivis4 said...

For the anon comment... come on, take your stupid taqijya to another place. Delusive moron.

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