Monday, 20 September 2010

The Sweden Democrats, the supposed "far right" party which warns about the dangers of immigration, particularly of the Muslim variety, has thrown a spanner in the works of the Swedish political establishment.

Initial indications were that the Sweden Democrats have achieved at least 5% of the vote, although there are reports, suspicious reports, that this total is rising to above 8% after recounts. This showing should ensure it has at least 20 seats in the new parliament. Previously, the Sweden Democrats had no representation whatsoever as the Swedish electoral rules stipulate that a party must achieve at least 4% of the vote before it gains any seats. Clearly this rule was designed to stifle "fringe" points of view, such as the one that mass Muslim immigration may not be a good thing. But that view's not quite so "fringe" any more, is it?

The party's success comes despite the most extraordinary campaign of discrimination against it. Most newspapers refused to run the party's ads. A rather innocuous television commercial (shown above) was banned. The party's website was hacked, many of its campaigning events had to be called off because of threats, or the reality, of violence from the left and its Muslim allies.

The Swedish left, which dominated politics in the country throughout the post-war era, has lost a second election in a row for the first time ever and has seen its share of the vote fall further. This is a trend I expect to see repeated throughout Europe. The European left has contracted a fateful and traitorous alliance with Islam and will pay an increasing price for it at the ballot box, at least among the indigenous Europeans.

It seems that the small countries in Europe are reacting more strongly to the Muslim invasion than the larger countries. This is most likely because in small countries, all politics is much more highly localised. In large countries like the UK, there are large tracts of the country that have barely been affected by the immigration jihad. Life continues there as normal, while perhaps only a small proportion of the country finds itself on the frontlines of the Muslim invasion.

Denmark, so far, has been the most successful model for how Europe should react to the Muslim invasion. The Danish People's Party has eschewed racism but mounted a vigorous defence of European values by opposing further third-world immigration. It has achieved a sizeable share of the vote such that it is able to make demands of the other parties in return for offering its support. Denmark now has some of the most stringent immigration laws in Europe and is already implementing the "voluntary repatriation" policy that outfits like the BNP have campaigned for in vain.

The Netherlands, of course, has Geert Wilders. And Belgium is disintegrating largely as a result of differences of opinion between north and south about how to respond to the Muslim invasion. Eventually these tendencies will manifest themselves within the larger polities too. Let's hope they do so soon.


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