Friday, 24 September 2010

For decades the American government has cultivated relationships with potentially subversive elements in foreign countries. Often, after an election, or a coup, their proteges come to power and re-orient the government's policy to favour American interests. One of many examples is Saakashvili in Georgia, a petty Putinesque despot and borderline lunatic.

Outrageously, as this article in the New York Times reports, the US government is now cultivating relationships with Europe's disaffected Muslims.

The United States Embassy in Paris has formed a network of partnerships with local governments, advocacy groups, entrepreneurs, students and cultural leaders in the troubled immigrant enclaves outside France’s major cities.

We have already seen Obama using American taxpayers' money to promote sharia law in Kenya (the money was used to promote a new constitution that contained elements of sharia law). Now he is throwing more money at Muslims in Europe. It would be nice if the blame for this insane initiative could be pinned entirely on Obama. Unfortunately, it can't. The "outreach" programme got underway in the Bush years, although it "has grown in scale and visibility since the election of Barack Obama."

With an annual public affairs budget of about $3 million, the Paris embassy has sponsored urban renewal projects, music festivals and conferences. Since Mr. Obama’s election, the Americans have helped organize seminars for minority politicians, coaching them in electoral strategy, fund-raising and communications.

The International Visitor Leadership Program, which sends 20 to 30 promising French entrepreneurs and politicians to America for several weeks each year, now includes more minority participants, and Muslims in particular.

So yet again Muslims are being rewarded for their aggression by having money and attention thrown at them. This time it's even worse, however, as the reward comes from abroad.

These Muslims are a subversive element within European society and European governments should crack down hard on any ties between them and foreign governments, whether those governments are American or Saudi.


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