Friday, 27 August 2010
The media is involved in a conspiracy to suppress the truth about Muslim aggression.

Examples below:

A few years ago there was widespread rioting in France. In fact this is a fairly common occurrence in France now. Whenever these events are being reported, the mass media conspire to suppress the truth about what is going on. The people rioting are Muslims. Their rioting is a form of Muslim aggression against non-Muslims. Invariably, however, the rioters are merely described as "youths".

Abe Greenwald comments about the phenomenon here:

Here’s what’s happening in France: Villiers-le-Bel is one of France’s "quartier sensible" or touchy neighborhoods. These are French slums populated by North African Muslims who’ve been both unwilling and unable to assimilate into larger French culture, but extremely willing and able to become part of the larger French welfare system. These are Muslims who didn’t emigrate to France for a better life. They went for the same life, with better benefits. So, over 80 police have been injured, some critically, by Muslim rioters for whom the French police are nothing more than armed infidels. I’m not saying the rioters are jihadists, but it requires a commitment to ignorance not to sniff out the familiar in these words of one rioter: “This is war. There is no mercy. We want at least two policemen dead.”


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