Saturday, 28 August 2010
In part of Germany the bright multicultural future our elite envisage for us has already arrived. A documentary called "Kampf im Klassenzimmer" (Battle in the Classroom) was recently broadcast on German television telling the story of a school in Essen, in Western Germany. 70% of the pupils at the school are of foreign extraction, mostly Muslim, primarily Turks and Lebanese. The German schoolchildren are constantly terrorised by the Muslims; ostracised, insulted and regularly subjected to physical violence. The German and Muslim children hang out in separate groups. Friendships between them are rare.

Physical education at the school is now very limited, because Muslim parents demand that their daughters not participate or not show their bodies in public. The school has settled on badminton as the best PE activity because it can be played fully clothed.

This is what the utopian idealism of our political elite has led to: European children being terrorised in their own schools, growing up in an atmosphere of relentless hostility from a contemptuous alien group.

If you understand German, the video can be viewed here:


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