Saturday, 3 October 2009
Following the result of the German general election, in which the right-leaning parties prevailed decisively, there has been some hand-wringing in Europe's left-wing press about why the left-leaning parties have failed to capitalise on the economic crisis. The market ideology favoured by the right ought to have been discredited by the implosion of the world economy it has brought about, they argue. "Why, oh why, have those foolish plebs not seen this?" they cry, bewildered.

Among the myriad reasons offered in explanation, one is rarely heard: immigration, and, specifically, Islamic immigration. The European people are waking up to the threat the mass immigration of Muslims poses to their civilisation. Right-wing parties are perceived as being more willing to deal with this problem than left-wing ones, although, in truth, they are really not much better.
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